sky space telescope universe
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tantalize the soul with the words of the supreme,
Lock yourself to the silence of the universe?
Splashing nothing with nothing in cocktail punches,
Shaking the silence of divine joy with nothing.

Life then is Mithya where none exist as nothing,
Or Maya impersonates silence as nothing?
Do we hear and know nothing to follow nothing,
Letting divine footsteps lead us from this nothing.

For I desire to unite with the almighty;
Leave nothing for my nirvana’s everything.


Tendered Sport

sea wave surfer ocean
Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Pexels.com

Twist in your dark deep eyes flit me, your body engulfs my thoughts.
Crazy upstart, floating looks, graceful body dexterous striptease dance,
Walk me to your room, steroid zombie in moves, rave, exult to crave.
I hold the forbidden fruit to bite; learn and cry out in feather’s touch.

My breath lingers, sighs in your aroma as our veils take the back seat.
Arms cradle the drill, nudged lips endearing wild crush probing flares.
Tongues mating, breasts clubbed together in palisade seeped passions.
Promise flatters the spreads in your comfort, a delicate position I take.

Juices built, my mouth throbs and fingers crawl each nook and cranny
Sighs as the lobes are puckered in hot breath behind the trumpet lines;
Tweaks and trembles shake innocence within my initiated fracas cries
Shivers the warmth, in instinctive survival cascades in torments I trace.

Edging shudders as they trip the navel into wet paths of errant tickles,
Frenzy flutters, yearnings, murmurs the bud as twilight parts the petal.
Moist condensation decries raptures in the flesh tortured in circle sips.
Inventive curves temper g-spot hardness within twin finger work outs.

Heat ferments you to fume in breathless erotica; surmounting your joy,
Struggling chaotic flaunt chastise your legs in silky stretched insertion.
My sword engorged in blunt confines paces with the spreading tussles
Sheathed in soft ecstatic layers; mugger’s the little fellow in sweet love.

Crossed fingers for you to kiss, ears as I nibble, rub this bite in whispers,
Harnessed fingers madly nick each other, engraving rasps in fierce ties.